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The M242 is a 24-foot, high performance, family-oriented day racer and weekender. Over 250 have been built since 1981, and there are large fleets on the West Coast of Canada and the U.S. The M242 Class is unique in that it has very rigid class rules to control expense and ensure even competition.

The total sail inventory consists of a main, jib and spinnaker. The roller-furling jib dramatically simplifies boat handling and encourages family crews. With a PHRF handicap of 150-156 seconds per mile, it seems that the PHRF handicappers certainly respect the performance ability of the M242.


M242 - FAST

If you tried to explain to your non-sailing friends what it feels like to go 5-6 miles an hour to weather (now you have to explain that), or 15-18 miles per hour downwind (whatever that is), well, they would call you crazy for putting up with such slow going. But tell this to a racing sailor and you have their immediate attention. In fact, they will probably ask you if you have any room on your M242 in the next regatta.

The boat is an ultra light with a narrow hull, fine entry, and wide stern sections aft, coupled with a tall fractional rig, big mainsail, small jib, and a 210% spinnaker. This equates to a design that was ahead of its time, which is more than likely the reason it is still in favor, even over most of the "sprit" boat designs that seem so prevalent these days. The M242 can attain 19 knots of boat speed in big breeze and following seas – definitely an "E" ticket ride!

At these speeds the large rudder provides stability not normally found on boats this size, and the 4 ft. span on the keel gives it sufficient righting moment with a crew of four. These attributes are not limited to big breeze performance by any means. The M242 is the king of light air sailing.

On numerous occasions, M242 skippers have politely asked 30-38 ft boats if they can "play through". Of course, it can't hurt, to buy the skipper of the "big dog 36" a beer at the club after the race, just to keep things friendly. By the way, some of the crew on those bigger, slower boats have become proud owners of M242s.

Even though the M242 is a one-design boat, that doesn't keep it from being competitive in PHRF. Every now and then we race in a PHRF class and appreciate what the years have done to establish its very fair rating, currently 150-156, depending on which area you sail in.



We've never seen a brochure that said a boat was hard to sail. But honestly, some boats are a little easier than others. A big advantage of the M242 over most boats is its 110% jib, which is on roller furling. When the M242 goes around the weather mark, you roll up the smallest sail and replace it with theA Start biggest one. How easy is that?

The smart design of the sail plan, coupled with a 1ft. "penalty" pole, makes the 210% spinnaker a delight to trim in all breezes worth racing in, and doesn't require a line backer to jibe. An average size person fits well on the foredeck or in the cockpit.

With a simple three sail inventory you're off the dock and underway in short order. Having the wrong sail up when the wind changes strength is never a worry on the M242. A three sail inventory makes owning an M242 affordable compared to similar sized boats.



A priority of the M242 design was to provide a platform that maximized form and function while keeping the skipper and crew’s comfort in mind. Every skipper wants their crew to keep coming back without the embarrassing “boat bites” common to so many other boats.

The ergonomic, crew-friendly bench seating, radiused edges and clean, canted side decks can accommodate a crew of four sitting in the cockpit with "legs in". You'll never hear the skipper reminding the crew to "hike until it hurts". The M242 was designed to carry the crew weight in the cockpit, giving the crew a sense of security and readiness in those situations where quick tacks or jibes are called for.

While the accommodations below decks are spartan, the M242 is not a stripped out racer. It features a hull and deck liner to finish the interior nicely, eliminating the "sweating" many small boats experience. And if you feel the urge to gunkhole on a weekend outing with the family, there actually is enough room below to sleep four.


You really appreciate the M242’s minimal inventory when it comes time to replace a sail. (By the way, another advantage to having a strong one-design class is that sail makers often offer discounts for multiple sale purchases, especially during the winter months). Without the high loads on the rigging and sails that other boats have, the ultra-light M242 doesn't need an entirely new sail inventory each season. If you are a frequent racer, the jib usually will last a season, and the main and spinnaker are good for at least two seasons. We have a "B" suit of sails we use for Wednesday nights (a Marina del Rey summer series) and only use the "A" suit for "High Point" regattas, thereby getting even more life out of the sails.

When it comes to maintenance, the M242 shines above the rest. With only two small winches to service, rinsing off the blocks and keeping the boat clean are about the only maintenance you'll need to perform. The mantra from the beginning has been "keep it simple", and simple it is. This is one reason why the M242 is able to maintain a price lower than boats smaller in size. But lower price does not equal lower quality. HIgh quality hardware is installed at the factory. We offer a one-year warranty on all materials and workmanship. It is still the best bang for the buck, just as it was twenty years ago.


Sail Area
280 sq ft
Designer: Don Martin
7.4 M
6.2 M
2.44 M
1.45 M
8.38 M
9.15 M
3.66 M
2.21 M
1136 Kg
423 Kg
Sail Area
26 sq M
2.52 M

Base M242 Includes

white gelcoat
hull and deck

mast & boom
painted white

a certificate of measurement

complete set of Ullman class racing sails

spinnaker bag (installed)

interior side bunk cushions and side bunks

tiller extension

roller furling

Harken deck hardware

winch handles

15" Windex

all running rigging

electrical system

12V battery

instrument panel with
12V adaptor

running lights and steaming light

outboard motor mount
and bracket

stainless steel foot rails

FOB: Los Angeles, CA


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