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The Boat

New Production

When a one design fleet attracts loads of racers, it’s a good thing. But sometimes challenges arise from this kind of success. Amazingly, the Martin 242, a great boat that everyone loves to sail, has not been mass produced in nearly fifteen years. So with an increasing demand and a shortage of available boats, growing the class meant building new boats. This may seem like a daunting task. To Mike, Denise, and Jim, three very active sailors in Marina del Rey Fleet #3, it was an opportunity. Thanks to their years of boat building experience and passion for racing a great boat in an active fleet, they were up to the challenge of building brand new M242s.

Starting From Scratch
The original molds had been destroyed, so the builders needed to find another way to make new boats. They learned that hull #207 was going to be refurbished by its new owner. The boat had been wet-sailed for all of its life and needed a lot of hull and foil work in order to be competitive in a mostly dry-sailed fleet. This presented a great opportunity: the boat could be used as a "plug" to build new molds.

The new builders have resolved to do everything possible to maintain the integrity of the original design in every way, so as not to make existing boats obsolete or non-competitive. That meant saying “no” to countless innovations on the original -- no open transoms, no carbon fiber rigs, no bowsprits, no structural modifications, nothing that would create an advantage over the existing boats. The first new molds were created in early 2005.

It Really Is The Same
The design and lay up schedule of the ultra light M242 makes it a perfect candidate for exact reproduction. Balsa-cored horizontal surfaces and solid glass vertical surfaces provide for a boat that doesn't get "soft" over time, like many other designs. This means that the new boats have no way of being "stiffer" than the older ones.

The mast will be made to the original specs by the original builder, Spar Tech, who has established themselves as one of the premier mast builders in the country.Tthe deck hardware will be supplied by Harken, one of the best in their field.

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