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Brack Ducker

“Although I have owned and raced both the M242 and “Grand Prix” boats for a number of years I have always preferred the M242. It is a very responsive and lively boat which is fun to sail. Yet it is also very accommodating of the crew and maybe best of all, requires only a total of four to race it competitively. In summary, a very fun and interesting boat with a very low hassle factor.”

     --Brack Duker, M242 owner Fleet #3--


“I bought my M242 on a lark, not knowing anything about it! What I got was a fun, stable, dry sailboat as well as a family of wonderful people who have introduced me to one design sailing.”

     --Mark Sands, M242 Fleet Captain, Marina del Rey, CA--

Keith and Peter

"The Martin 242 fleet offers a level of competition similar to what I enjoyed in college racing. And, these days, I get to'race for inches' with my whole family."

--Keith Kraemer, M242 owner, Marina del Rey, CA--
Lucky Jack

Mary Kate

“What I love about the M242 is that I can sail it with my my girlfriends, experienced crew, or total beginners, and it’s always enjoyable. I skippered my first race at the helm of our Martin, and loved it so much I signed up three women to crew for an all-women’s series that we ended up winning!”

     --Mary Kate Scott, Marina del Rey, CA


"I have been sailing One Design for over 35 years. I just traded the Santana 20 that I have owned since 1979 for a bit more excitement. After borrowing an M242 to race these past years, I decided it was time that I joined the fun full time. I have had just the best time since I bought Predator with 2 friends. Now, I don't have to beg to play!"

--Kathy St. Amant, M242 owner....FINALLY--




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